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Roles in Our Team

The team at Home Grown Kids is made up of the following:

Head Office

We take care of enquiries, administration, payroll and we manage the relationship with the Ministry of Education.

Our Visiting Teachers

All are qualified Early Childhood Teachers and they're out and about daily visiting our Home Grown whānau, Nannies & Educators. They are responsible for organising regular play groups, outings, training, playgroups, enrolments, as well as offering advice and being mentors to our HGK family.

Home-Based Educators

These are caregivers (individual contractors) looking after pre-schoolers in their own home.  All work with our Visiting Teachers to implement learning at home and they record their observations in each child's Learning Journal. Click here for more information.


These are employees of the Family looking after pre-schoolers in the children's home.
Click here for more information


These are Mums & Dads, Grandparents, Aunties & essence Whanau
who register their children with us because they see the advantages of Home-Based Care and Home-Based Education. And they love the idea of the Education being available for free!

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