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Friends of Home Grown Kids Agreement

This agreement is between:
  1. Home Grown Kids  (Home Grown Kids, “we” or “us”), and
  2. You (Affiliate, Friend, “you” or “yourself”) (the Parties)
  1. Home Grown Kids is a homebased childcare provider, with Educators and Nannies looking after preschool aged children around New Zealand in a home-based environment.
  2. Our HGK Friend knows, or from time to time may become aware of
    1. Families who have a need for childcare services
    2. Individuals who would like to become a home based Educator or Nanny
  3. Our HGK Friend wishes to refer such people to Home Grown Kids.
  4. Home Grown Kids wishes to encourage our HGK Friend to make such referrals and to reward our Friend for referrals that result in the enrollment of a family or an enrolment of an Educator or Nanny with children in care already.
  5. This agreement governs the relationship between the Parties.
  1. Friend to refer to Home Grown Kids
Our HGK Friend will from time to time refer people that may need childcare services or wish to provide childcare through Home Grown Kids.  We are aiming for a win/win outcome, where your referral genuinely needs our services and you will have helped them by referring to us.

** Please note - if you are an Educator or Nanny with Home Grown Kids already, enrolling children into your own care is not deemed a referral. A referral is telling someone about Home Grown Kids that results in a new enrolment with someone other than yourself, thereby growing our Home Grown Kids network.
  1. Normal referral methods to be used by our HGK Friend
You may refer people to us in the following ways:
  1. You may invite someone to contact Home Grown Kids directly. Please ensure that they alert us that you referred them so that we can record this information for referral payments to be made if successful.  
  2. You may register someone you know via phone or through the enquiry form on our Home Grown Kids website (  We would expect you to have spoken briefly with the interested party to establish that they may have an interest in our services and to have obtained their consent for us to contact them 
  1. Payment
Our Friends of Home Grown Kids programme is very valuable to us, since we see ourselves as a professional organisation and prefer to work through referrals rather than other less personal means.
Accordingly, we recognise your contribution to our business by rewarding a referral fee of
  • $40 per family that is enrolled with us as the direct result of your referral, to be paid once that family has been enrolled for 6 weeks.
  • $40 per Educator or Nanny with children in care that joins us as a direct result of your referral, to be paid once the Educator or Nanny and their care families has been enrolled with Home Grown Kids for a minimum of 6 weeks.
  • If more than one family or Educator or Nanny with children in care enrolls with us at the same time because of your referral, you will receive either a $40 voucher for each family/Educator or Nanny to a maximum amount of $100 in total or at Home Grown Kids Directors discretion.
Our Commitment to You
We undertake to you that we will follow through on all referrals in a prompt and professional manner.

Required Disclosures
It is important that you comply with all relevant law, including the Secret Commissions Act 1910 and the Privacy Act 1993, and when required disclose to referred customers that you will receive benefits as a result of the referral to Home Grown Kids (in the event that it is successful).

Term of this Agreement
There is no specific term to this agreement, or obligation on you to refer a minimum number of potential customers to Home Grown Kids.

Updates to this Agreement
Home Grown Kids may update this Agreement at any time, by posting the updated terms on its website and notifying the Friend by e-mail. Continued referral by the Friend to Home Grown Kids constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.
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