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Friends of Home Grown Kids

We want to show our appreciation to everyone who refers families and Educators to Home Grown Kids.

How does it work?

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It’s pretty simple really.
  1. If you refer Home Grown Kids to a family looking for childcare and that family enrols with us and stays for a minimum of 6 weeks, we will give you a $40 voucher.
  2. If you know an Educator or Nanny who has children in care already and refer them to Home Grown Kids and they enroll with us, we will give you a $40 voucher once they have enrolled with us for a minimum of 6 weeks.
** Please note - if you are an Educator or Nanny with Home Grown Kids already, enrolling children into your own care is not deemed a referral. A referral is telling someone about Home Grown Kids that results in a new enrolment with someone other than yourself, thereby growing our Home Grown Kids network.

Please make sure you read the Fine Print Stuff
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