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Mission, Vision & Philosophy Statements

Mission Statement

Growing - Nurturing - Learning

We achieve this by:
  • Being leaders in the provision of quality care and education for all children aged 0 – 6 years within a home environment.
  • Making sure the quality care provided for children includes opportunities for them to grow and develop to their full potential, regardless of race, gender, language, religion, or individual needs.
  • Supporting caregivers in a home environment that promotes peaceable play and cooperation.
  • Encouraging positive teamwork and participative decision making between all parties.
  • Operating in an ethical manner with high moral standards.
  • Providing all parties with professional support and information.
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Vision Statement

Empowering our key stakeholders to actively support and promote the Home Grown Kids brand to enable the company to become a household name where quality early learning is paramount and Home Grown Kids is at the forefront of every parents mind when looking for childcare.

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Philosophy Statement

We value the importance of Early Childhood Education and care in a small mixed aged group within the home environment.  We believe that the foundations for learning are built from strong reciprocal ,responsive relationships within our learning community.
We value, recognise and support the bi-cultural and multicultural nature of our families and where possible, Tikanga Maori is woven into the programme to encourage nannies and educators to recognise the important place it has in society.
We recognise our role in supporting Educators and Whanau to work in partnership to enhance and create a dynamic community of learners.
We celebrate the individuality of our diverse learning community and the enrichment that it provides.
We have a firm belief in our educators and nannies and provide them with the tools to grow and extend thier own professional development.
Regulatory requirements are exceeded through the strong provision of governence and management within the service.
By keeping up to date with current theory and practice, HGK regularly reflect and review its practice throughout the team and wider learning community.
By working in partnership with all educators and nannies, we are able to ensure that relevant educational experiences are documented in the child's own learning journal.  All stakeholders ensure that learning environments where children are cared for are safe, nuturing and encouraging.
All HGK Visiting Teachers and Management foster supportive and meaningful relationships to ensure transparency, respect and responsibility in their roles.

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