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Terms & Conditions

Our Complaints Policy

Home Grown Kids Terms and Conditions are dependent on which service you are using. All Nannies and Educators sign separate and different Terms and Conditions upon joining Home Grown Kids at enrolment for our Education programme.  

Family Terms and Conditions


These depend on whether you are employing a Nanny, or using one of our Educators. All Families sign a written agreement and agree to the Terms and Conditions therein before enrolling with Home Grown Kids. A copy of the different Terms and Conditions is available from Home Grown Kids by contacting us Here.

Educator Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for home based educators is discussed fully at the first meeting. By submitting an online application you are under no obligation to continue through the registration process. You have agreed only to be contacted by one of our representatives…. Full Terms and Conditions are included in the Independent Contractors Agreement supplied at enrolment….."


Nanny Terms and Conditions

  • By becoming part of Home Grown Kids, I agree to maintain a level of professionalism and confidentiality if and when I am in a group situation with anyone. I fully understand that I do not have the right to openly discuss personal or work matters of my employer either now nor after my term of employment has ended with anyone.
  • I agree I am 18 years of age or older as at the date at my application
  • I agree I will abide by all Home Grown Kids policies and procedures
  • I agree I hold a current first aid certificate or if not I agree to obtaining one before starting with any Home Grown Kids Family.
  • I agree to implement the Home Grown Kids Education Programme.
  • I agree to notify Home Grown Kids immediately if I terminate my employment. I am aware that failure to do so will mean delays in my final pay if I am using Home Grown Kids Wage Bureau.
  • I agree to notify Home Grown Kids of any changes in my circumstances, addresses, phone numbers, entitlements or any other information that is likely to affect the continuation of this service.
  • I agree to complete my part of HomeZone (Home Grown Kids online timesheeting system). I am aware that failure to do so may result in my suspension from Home Grown Kids, and as a result of that suspension the Family that I am working for also being suspended.
  • I authorise Home Grown Kids in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, to collect and use my personal information and to contact any referees, named or otherwise for the purposes of a background check, and to also request a Police History Check. I agree to this information being made available to any potential employer. I understand that confidentiality is a vital part of becoming a respected nanny with Home Grown Kids and I will be loyal to both Home Grown Kids and any family that I may be providing care for.
  • I declare that as at the date below, I have no convictions in a court of law relating to charges of crimes against children. I also declare that I have no charges pending relating to the above. I also declare that I have disclosed any other criminal convictions, pending or otherwise, to Home Grown Kids and I agree that I may be dismissed from employment or placement position gained through Home Grown Kids if I have not fully disclosed this information.
  • I agree that if I am using any form of social media such as but not limited to Facebook, Bebo, or Twitter, or express by way of conversation or through any other means; that I will undertake a sense of professionalism and not make any statement that brings Home Grown Kids or any Home Grown Kids staff member into disrepute, and I understand that if I fail to abide by this condition Home Grown Kids will terminate their association with me.


Home Grown Kids Recruitment Terms and Conditions

(For us to find you a Nanny)

Company profile:
Home Grown Kids provides a recruitment service to families (hereinafter called the client) requiring a nanny to assist with their family’s needs. Our staff specialise in working with you to find the best possible childcare solution.

Home Grown Kids recruitment will:
  • Work with the client to ensure the best possible match for both the client and the nanny the first time.
  • Advertise the position if there are no potential candidates available immediately. This will be done at the expense of Home Grown Kids Recruitment.
  • List the position on the Home Grown Kids website (unless you request not to).
  • Assist in arranging interviews, provide interview questions and referee check questions and support through the process.
  • We will also endeavor to offer a replacement nanny at no charge, (though this cannot always be guaranteed and there are conditions which differ in each case) if the nanny ceases employment and not where a family changes the terms and conditions of employment as initially set out.

We look forward to working with you and your family.

General terms and conditions
When a client engages the services of Home Grown Kids Recruitment to recruit their nanny and enrols with Home Grown Kids education service to assist with the ongoing educational needs of their children, the nanny placement service may be FREE *(see eligibility criteria outlined below)*
If the Client does not stay enrolled with Home Grown Kids for a minimum of 16 weeks once their Nanny has started work, Home Grown Kids will invoice the Client the fee (equivalent of one week of the nannies wages) or part thereof on a Pro-Rata basis.
If the client uses the services of Home Grown Kids Recruitment to source and engage their nanny and is not eligible to register with Home Grown Kids as part of their educational service, the client agrees to pay the equivalent of one week of the engaged nanny’s wages as the fee for recruitment. Calculate hourly rate X hours per week. A minimum fee of $100.00 will be charged for permanent placements.
Temporary placements are charged at $20 per day or $80 per week.
All fees are payable within 7 days of receipt of invoice.
If a client chooses not to register with Home Grown Kids for whatever reason other that ineligibility the client will be charged a fee calculated at 3% of the engaged Nanny’s gross annual salary plus GST. Calculate hourly rate X hours per week X 52 (weeks in the year) X 3%
Again, all fees are payable within 7 days of receipt of invoice.
Late payments will incur a 2% penalty, calculated daily and may be referred to debt collection after a period of 60 days.
The client agrees that they will notify their recruitment consultant upon engagement of a nanny irrespective of where the nanny was sourced.

Eligibility criteria:
Enrolment is conditional on the Nanny being employed for a minimum amount of hours per week (This differs based on your families circumstances), having a current acceptable Police check and the client meeting Home Grown Kids Home Safety Check. There are other conditions as well such as you will need to reside in an area we cover.
Enrolment may be suspended or declined if compliance areas are not met within a specific timeframe. No payments will be processed until compliance is fully met and recruitment fees will apply and need to be paid, but will be refunded to the client upon meeting the compliance requirements.

Wage Administration Process in General
  • Home Grown Kids is not the employer of your nanny, you are.
  • Home Grown Kids will provide you with the Inland Revenue Department forms required.
  • You are responsible for the ACC Work Place insurance, not Home Grown Kids, unless your nanny is registered as an IR 56 taxpayer.   ACC will invoice you, the employer directly.
  • If your nanny is employed for no more than 30 hours per week, on average, they register themselves as an IR 56 taxpayer, and will be invoiced directly by ACC for their ACC levies. IR56 taxpayers are advised to contact ACC for information regarding additional insurance, as currently they may not be covered by ACC for the first week of an accident in any job they may have.
  • Wages are paid fortnightly in arrears and are calculated on the hours worked from Monday – Sunday for each of the two previous weeks, as per the timesheet filled in by you online and confirmed by your nanny as being correct.  Wages are paid overnight on the following Tuesday. There are fees for late timesheets that will be incurred by you (currently $50). These cover the extra time HG Kids Staff have to take to process single timesheets with your bank and the charges we incur. There is only one way to avoid these late fees!
  • Home Grown Kids cannot continue to provided education to any client that does not submit timesheets on time
  • A fortnightly invoice is sent to the client that itemises the wage breakdown ie. Nanny Gross Wages, WINZ Childcare Subsidies, Multiple Birth Assistance and our Wage Administration Fee of $11.50 per pay.
  • Payment to Home Grown Kids is only by Direct Debit.  Again, please carefully read the terms and conditions covering this.
  • You must supply us with your correct email address and inform us if you change it. HG Kids is not responsible for timesheets sent to you that go missing because of incorrect or changed email addresses.
  • A monthly statement is available on request.
  • Your employee’s tax obligations eg. PAYE, Student Loans, Child Support, Kiwisaver etc are paid by Home Grown Kids to the Inland Revenue Department on your behalf each month.
  • Any work related injuries MUST be reported to ACC and Home Grown Kids on 0508 44 54 37.
  • Once you stop employing a nanny, you must inform IRD and deregister yourself as an employer. Failure to do this will result in penalties for late or non-filing of IRD returns by the IRD, not by Home Grown Kids.
  • Please be aware that under the terms & conditions of our wage service that we do not put aside funds on your behalf for Holiday pay and ACC, this is the clients responsibility.  Any figures shown in estimates provided by Home Grown Kids DO NOT include holiday pay, sick leave or ACC levies. Remember you are the employer and legally liable for your staff members holiday pay & ACC, not HG Kids.

All of our families must use our Payroll Service for which there is an admin fee of $11.50 per fortnightly pay.
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