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Just for Fun!

Below is just a very small selection of the hundreds of games and ideas we have available in the members only section which is freely accessible to all our Families, Nannies and Educators.

We also have hundreds of educational resources available, specific Maori resources, educational research papers, teaching documents and resources for caregivers etc. All so that our caregivers can provide your child the best care available.

We have put one of our Free Downloads Here (PDF) on Science activities so you can see what is on offer to our Families, Nannies & Educators, and there is another one for you at the bottom of the page.

Best ever Bubbles Recipe!

(Seriously, you need to follow the directions, and we promise it is the best!)

1 Tablespoon sugar
3 Tablespoons boiling water
9 Tablespoons liquid detergent
Dissolve sugar in water and add detergent. Store for 3 days before using.

Pipe & Ball Game

Pipe_game_photo.jpgby Margaret

This is a simple game where you can use a ball of any sort, providing it will fit down the pipes. Just have the child try to throw the ball into any one of the pipes. This game has endless variations!

These pipes were obtained Free, leftover from a house building by the plumber


These 2 recipes  are from one of our Christchurch Nannies

Soapy slime

2 tbsp soap flakes
2 cups of hot water
Food colouring

Mix vigorously with a wire whisk or egg beater until mixture bubbles. Leave it for a couple of hours to let the texture develop. Enjoy a wonderful tactile experience.

½ cup of corn flour
2 cups of water
Drops of food colouring

Mix in saucepan, stirring while heating until thick. Add more water if you want it “runnier” You can play when the mixture is at blood temp.

A Feely Bag

Use a medium sized material bag. Place objects inside such as a toy car, a bead (age appropriate size), clothes peg, a fork, a small soft toy etc. Encourage children to close their eyes and place their hand inside the bag and feel the objects. See how well they do at naming the objects. Ensure the objects are safe enough for the age group of the children. This activity will encourage language development and perception.

Bubbles for infants

Lay baby on their tummy and you lie facing them. Blow bubbles into the air (away from their face) and allow them to watch them. This encourages baby to lift their head and be distracted while watching the bubbles move.

Balloons 12-18 months

Blow up 2-3 balloons, tie a long piece of string to each and suspend them in a door way or where your toddler can reach them. Hit the balloons up in the air for them to watch and then encourage them to join in and copy you.

Teach them to hit the balloons with their head
Hang the balloons outside on the washing line to watch and hit as they blow in the wind.
Give them a paper towel tube to bat at the balloons
Great for developing balance, upper body coordination, hand-eye coordination and flexibility.

N. B. Supervision when playing with string is essential to ensure they don't become tangled in it.

Photo Puzzle Game


by Margaret
This is an easy game for young children where you can take a simple wooden shape puzzle (We sell these here, go to Fun Factory for the puzzles) and glue pictures under each shape. In this case, it's photo's of the child. This is great for shape recognition, but also the child will remember what they were doing in the photo for years to come. Again, this has endless variations

What’s the difference? Game for 3 years and over

Let your child look at you hard and then close their eyes – or you go out of the room. You then change one thing about you. Their task is to spot what you changed. It could be to take off a jersey, a tie, put on a belt, take off an earring etc. It’s a good idea to have one or two spare items of clothing at hand.

Helps develop concentration and visual memory skills.

Funny Faces

All you need for hours of funny face fun is a mirror and a whiteboard pen.
Position your child in front of the mirror and show them how to draw around the outline of their head.
Ask them to draw in their features:
Eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc. Don’t forget eyebrows and eyelashes.
Experiment with changing the features a little – i.e. wide floppy elephant ears; long bunny teeth; curly eyelashes etc.

Add a funny hat or some wacky earrings. When they’re finished, they can rub it off and create another version of themselves!

Easy threading

Save your milk bottle tops and drill a hole in them. These can then easily be used as a threading activity to encourage those small muscles in the hands and fingers to become strong.

There are a great deal more of these games and activities inside our members area.

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