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Summer Safety Tips

Check out these great tips to keep you and your family safe while having fun in the sun. These were kindly provided by some of our fans on Facebook...

Boygirl-swing 250Rachael Holmes Graham - My best safety tip at home with wee ones, is getting everything you may need ready BEFORE you fill the paddling pool! Sunscreen, hats, towels, spare clothes, water & snacks etc and don't forget both phones!! Even just stepping inside to answer a phone is not worth the risk! ! A fun tip too....We also keep all our swimming/beach gear in a mesh laundry hamper. Squeezes into car well, handles for easy carrying & best of all the sand drops right out, so no cleaning sand out at home
Debbie Snell - Have an extra bag in the car. We call it a go bag lol. It has extra hats, back up sun tan lotion, long sleeve thin tops, aloe vera, first aid kit, gel hydration sachets in case of lost clothing, someone forgets the suntan lotion and sun burn or heat stroke. Plus I set my ph to alarm mode to re-apply sun tan lotion or know how long the kids have been in the sun.
Stacey Leaning - Always take water with you on daily outings so the family stay hydrated. I also always keep a big bottle of water the my boot so in case of emergency we have water. Great for rinsing sand off at the beach, hydrating if needs be, anything. Water water water
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Jessica Cunnold - Encourage children to help apply their sunblock once you've put it on them, they love getting involved and having a sense of responsibility to help protect their skin form the sun. It helps them to feel involved and becomes less like a chore as some kids dont enjoy getting sunblocked. Sometimes I have a wee bottle they can access and open easily to put on their bodies whenever they want. It's only got a small amount in so it wont make a giant mess. Then the sunblocking process is fun for everyone!!
Liz Caselton - Carry little pouches of distilled water when near sand so you can wash the sand out of eyes before the child get to distressed. You can buy them very cheaply at the chemist, also useful for washing grazes and cuts.
Rebekah Mudford - Helmets! With the weather fining up, it's back on bikes and scooters. Ensure the kids have helmets on, even if they're just pottering around home or on grass. It's a brilliant habit to get the kids into and they do save lives.
Mumboy-swing 250Kate Kerrisk - Shoes! even if its hot and the little ones want to go barefoot, make sure to have a backup pair in the car at the very least, cos it’s no fun hobbling along or having to carry them if you go somewhere with prickles, hot pavement, broken glass etc
Lauren Dean - Have a wristband on with mum's phone number in case they get lost
Jolene Deane - My little one wears a boat life jacket when he is around swimming pools it's a piece of mind for me safety first
Karina Herbert - Always swim in pairs and children should always have adult supervision.. theres just too many deaths in water during the summer. Lets look after each other around the water..

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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