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Home Grown Kids provides a wage service to Families employing a Nanny (NB this service is for our Nanny families only, as all our Home-Based Educators are self employed contractors, however we do collect the payments of behalf of Educators). HZPL is the overarching company that processes these payments.

This service is done online through our Internet based system, called HomeZone.

Please note that payment for childcare is not a pre-requisite to enrolling with our Education Service (so if you have a family member or friend who comes to your home or if you're dropping your children off to them, you can still enjoy our FREE Service).

However, if you are paying for your Nanny's time and you would like to use our service, then you're most welcome - please note that there is a small nominal charge of $11.50 incl GST per fortnight for the time spent administering this service on your behalf.
How does it work?
Families receive a password and login code when they join Home Grown Kids, which they use to access the secure wage service area. All you are required to do is login once a fortnight and enter your Nanny's hours of work. This is then sent in an email to your Nanny who confirms that they are correct, and then the hours are processed automatically at our Head Office.

Our Automated Wage Administration System (Homezone) is cutting edge and has been designed specifically for us, and to make the process as easy for you to use as possible.

No posting, faxing or emailing of Timesheets is required, and entering your hours can take as little as 10-15 seconds including logging on!
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