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Feedback from Educators and Nannies

Below is feedback from Educators and Nannies who have been a part of the Home Grown Kids team over the years:

quote Hey Robyn
Thanks for your email, likewise I think the kids don't realise but it is very sad that your visits have come to an end. I remember first meeting you when our house was in complete disarray (not from the kids mess for a change but the renovations going on !!) and you were so discreet and so positive about it all which I thought was so great and wonderful.   I also remember thinking to myself, HGK is set up so well  by having the support of someone like you for the nanny and the kids and for the parents.  I think you have been a tremendous support for all of us, just knowing you are there to help and not judge or criticise is great.

Also the playgroups you have set up is great and fun too as its gives the nannies and me recently structure by having something to plan your day around and something for the children to go to regularly.

Darren and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything HGK has done to support us, firstly finding such a great nanny whom we couldn't speak more highly of and then everything else I have mentioned above.  Its been a great 2 years for us.

We wish you well for the future and hope to run into you here and there, as that friendly face that knows so much but judges  little.

Leanne and Darren

quote Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the last 10 or so years I've been with HGK. It's been a positive experience and I've recommended HGK to everyone I've been in contact with. Unfortunately the youngest in my current family is 5 this weekend and although I will still be caring for them he will no longer be with the service. I've been very lucky, being able to work and study for ECE at the same time! Cheers for all your support, advice and communications during my time with you. Hopefully once I'm qualified I might be able to return to your service in a different role!"
Rochelle (HGK Nanny)

quote Many thanks to Home Grown Kids for being such a wonderful support in the child care industry. I have enjoyed working with the staff and coordinators immensely and I will continue to promote HGK to all and sundry. I have chosen to take some time off to spend with my own children and take it a bit slow. However, should I return to childcare, I will of course be calling HGK.

Many thanks again to all."
Liza (HGK Educator)

quote Being a nanny in a small town with no nanny agencies left me on my own and overwhelmed at the prospect of having to do my own tax, ACC, student loan etc.

That’s where HGK came in, they sorted out the finance side of things leaving me hassle free. Monthly visits by the regional coordinator are great; My visiting teacher has really been a help with resources, educational activities and ideas. Organised combined activities for nannies in the area have been lots of fun for both nannies and the children."
Caroline  (Nanny)
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