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FAQs for Nannies

Are you thinking about becoming a Nanny, but have a few questions? Well here we have compiled some of the most common questions. If you don't find the answer you need here, please contact us on 0508 44 5437
What qualifications do I need?
You will need a first aid certificate to register with us and ideally, an entry level qualification e.g NZQA level 3 qualification in childcare. By the way, once you are working with us, we will pay for your first aid certificate renewal. There are conditions of course!
What sort of people are your current Nannies and what do they like about the role?
We have a range of people in our Nanny roles from women to men and young to old - all of whom love working with preschoolers.  They also tell us they like:
  • Our mobile toy library (delivered free once a month to the place of care).
  • The ongoing access to playgroups and outings.
  • The fact we are not franchised.  We are one big team and everyone has access to the same information so you can get any queries answered straight away, and you can ask to speak to the owners if you want to, they are always here!
  • We can help with taxes and payments.
Mumgirl-kitchen 250How much am I likely to get paid?
Nanny wages are mostly influenced by which area of the country you live in and your experience or qualifications. In the bigger cities, Nannies are being paid between $16-$20 per hour on average.
What would be my basic job responsibilities?
The job basically entails looking after the children and taking them through our Education Programme.  If taking responsibility for education sounds daunting, it really isn't.  It can be as simple as encouraging the children to count their fingers and toes or to recognise colours.  And there is always plenty of support and guidance on hand, including a whole network of other educators in the same role as you. You can see an example of a Nanny Job Description here.
How many children would I be responsible for?
You will look after no more than four children under 6 at any one time. Every family is different however.
Why register with Home Grown Kids Recruitment?
Our reputation has grown to the point where we are widely acknowledged as offering one of the best services in the country.  In fact, some parents and Educators have described us as "New Zealand's best kept secret"!
Not a Nanny yet? Complete our Nanny enquiry form and Julie will be in touch
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