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Marketing Pack

When you join with us as an Educator (whether you have come from another service or are just starting up) we will provide you with a marketing kit to the value of $100 HGK dollars (one order per person only, not transferable for credit or cash).

The pack already includes for FREE:

  • Pens
  • Fridge magnet 
  • 200+ DLE's (HGK double sided letterbox flyers with space to write your name)
  • 10 TAB flyers as pictured in colour

For orders over $100, the pack will be dispatched once payment has been received (payment only for the portion over the $100 limit etc).  In either case, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Please CLICK HERE when you would like to place an order and complete the necessary information (If you can't open the link, don't worry, just send an email to and we will get you sorted!). We will give you your first $100 worth of items absolutely FREE to help get you started. Once your $100 credit has been used up you will be charged for any further items ordered.

If you are an existing Educator or Nanny with us then you are welcome to order any of the items below and we can offer a 10% discount on your order.

By ordering these products you also agree to HGK's Marketing Kit Terms & Conditions Policy

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(Actual product may vary slightly from that shown, colour variances etc)

Educators, please be aware that should you leave HGK within 4 weeks of ordering your marketing pack, we will seek reimbursement for the costs involved.




Lawn Sign (sm)

Optional Stand

If you would like a large fence sign please contact Head Office to see if the canvas sign is available to borrow.

45 X 30cm
68 x 45cm 
Lawn sign(copy)
HGK T Shirt
These are a good quality V-necked T Shirt. 
$25 S,M,L,XL T shirt back(copy)T shirt front(copy)
Tear Drop Flag
includes a spike for soft ground. Please be aware that these flags will fade over time and are one side printed only.
$185 2mtr
(flag is smaller that this one shown, but Jackie is such a great model....!)
HGK Canvas Bag
(These bags are awesome advertising for when you and your care children are out and about)
$25 47 x 39 x 12cm Bag1(copy)
Educator Business Cards


Standard size
(can take 3 weeks to arrive)

(priority order arrives in 7 days)
Business Card(copy)
Car Door Magnet
$15 ea
or two for $25
29 x 22cm
Remember if you want to advertise on both sides of your car to order two!
Car magnet(copy)
First Aid Kit
$30 Contains:
Everything you need to comply with Ministry of Education regulations
First Aid Kit(copy)
HGK Fridge Magnets
***FREE at present***


  Fridge Magnet 2-459
***HGK Pens are FREE at present!***


Standard Pen as displayed
DLE Flyer


Standard DLE size
(1/3 A4 page double sided Letterbox Flyer)
TAB Flyer


A4 Page size
(Make sure you cut the tabs when you put it up!)
Tab Flyer Picture(copy)(copy)
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