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Marketing Ideas

If you aren't too sure how you would go about marketing your business here is a selection of the 60 Marketing Ideas that our Educators have access to...

We have great success stories from Educators who have set up their own Facebook pages. These pages are used by Educators to show families photos of their kids activities during the days. It is also a great place to put notices and let families post questions and comments. Most of these pages are private so that only accepted members can see the content.
A Facebook page is also a great way to introduce your homecare service to new families in your area. If you have a more generic page then you could leave it public so that it helps you to attract new families.
Other Great IdeasHGK-kiwi 80
  • Offer your family and friends a reward if they can help you find pre-schoolers; even a box of chocolates will act as a great incentive.
  • Park your car in visible car parks when you are out and about, and get a magnetic car sign printed. These are inexpensive and we can assist with these as well.
  • Find out who runs ante-natal classes in your region and leave your information.
  • Get together with other educators in your area. They may know of other families who need care and cannot place them because they are full.
  • Get involved in community play groups like Mainly Music.
  • Advertising in community newspapers/newsletters.
  • HGK-icecream 80Give us your details and we’ll add you to our website, outlining the hours that you have available.
  • Attend local events to network - wear your branded HGK t-shirt
  • Make sure you have a range of equipment available for children for parents to view when they come to meet you.
If you are interested in becoming a Home Based Educator please give us a call on 0508 44 5437 or complete our Educator enquiry form.
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