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Are you wondering if you've got what it takes to be a Home-Based Educator?
Boygirl-house 250All it really takes is a great imagination, a good squeeze of caring and a dash of commitment. We know the rewards that being a Home-Based Educator can give you, and we will provide you with support and inspiration along the way.

Home Grown Kids aims to help all of our Educators set up successful businesses that provide a safe and fun learning environment for all of the children we look after.
So if you ever have a question, just ask!

quote Many thanks to Home Grown Kids for being such a wonderful support in the child care industry. I have enjoyed working with the staff and coordinators immensely and I will continue to promote HGKs to all and sundry."

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This is Sam's learning area. She has several rooms set up as you can see, dedicated to the children's learning and playing environment. If you were a parent visiting for the first time and saw this place would you bother going anywhere else?

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Questions for you to think about:
  • How does my home compare?
  • How serious am I about being full, with a waiting list?
  • What impression am I giving when I meet a new family for the first time?
  • If I don't have the area to set up a room specifically like this, what else can i do?

If you need assistance, just contact your visiting teacher and ask, they have the experience and know what works.

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