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What can I bring your family: Hello my name is Hannah. I am 32 years old and a qualified nanny with 10 years experience. My passion lies with caring for young children. I enjoy watching them learn and grow as they experience the world around them. I believe each child needs to feel respected and safe as they are given the opportunity to play, learn, and discover in the environments around them.
My philosophy is based on forming a relationship with the children in my care where they feel a strong sense of security and where they can feel safe from harm when in my care. I believe trust is very important and is the answer to achieving such a relationship. I believe the children’s home environment should be safe and secure where there is a lot of opportunity for fun and learning. I believe children should have plenty of opportunity to explore the outdoor environment as well as their indoor home environment as I believe a lot of learning also takes place while experiencing the outdoors. I like to encourage the children in my care to be all they can be. I believe children are our future and that every moment shared with them impacts on who they will grow to become so every moment shared should be enjoyable and fun so that it will become good and lasting memories for them in later years.
I am a honest, reliable and trustworthy person. I work well with the families of the children in my care and I respect the family’s home environment. I like to ensure that we have open communication to make sure that I can work with the family to provide the best for them and their little ones. During my career as a nanny I have worked with a number of wonderful families. My positions over the years have included working with new- born babies through to children up to the age of 8 years old. I have worked in my present position for the past 8 years caring for three children. I count myself very fortunate to have cared for twins from a couple of weeks old through to the age of 7. Other responsibilities include: Doing housework related to the children, light housework, dealing with food intolerances/allergies, preschool and school drop offs and pick-ups, and providing great care and a good education programme to the children.

Childcare work experience:
9mths P/T Nanny with 1y & 3y olds
6mths P/T Nanny with 1y, 3y & 5y olds
1yr P/T Nanny with 1y & 3y olds
10yrs+ F/T Nanny with initially 6mths old then newborns twins via Home Grown Kids. Now P/T with school age.

Qualifications: NZ National Nanny Certificate 2005; Maternity Nanny Certificate 2006, both via Rangi Ruru Early Childhood College; Early Childhood Education & Care Certificate 2013
Availability: full or part time
Age: 32
First Aid Expiry Date: May 2018
Full driving licence & car
Area living: Kaiapoi                                   

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