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Wellington Home Based Educators

View and read about our Educators located throughout the Wellington area. Find the right match for your family in your neighbourhood, or contact us if you don't see anyone in your area.

Please note that not all of our Educators have their profile listed here, so please don't be put off if you can't see someone close to where you live! Please contact us with any questions or to see if we have an Educator
Minerva (Mini) HGK Educator Wgtn

Mini, from Brooklyn

Mini has over 23 years' experience working with children.

"I offer the children a wide range of toys and activities to play with and explore."

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Chantelle HGK Educator Wgtn

Chantelle, from Churton Park

Chantelle was nicknamed "The Baby Whisperer" when she started out as a babysitter.

"Children thrive in a space where they feel comfortable, safe and happy - a home away from home - and I have that space for your child."

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Krissie, HGK Educator Wgtn

Krissie, from Churton Park

Krissie has been a part of the HGK for a long time, transitioning from Nanny to Home Based Educator. 

"I can assure you that I will nurture your precious child and support their learning and development"

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Neelima, HGK Educator Wgtn

Neelima, from Churton Park

"I love exploring new things with my children everyday. I believe every child is different and give us different experiences each day."

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Paula from Totara Park

Paula is on the lookout for more little ones....

Paula currently has limited spaces available in the Totara Park area.

Adrienne from Stokes Valley

Adrienne is looking for friends...

Adrienne currently has spaces available in the Stokes Valley area. She has been working with HGK for more than a year and wants 2018 to be a busy one for her!  Make an enquiry today.

Sarah KB, HGK Educator Wgtn

Sarah, from Heretaunga

Sarah has been with HGK for over 10 years, and is very passionate about working with children. 

"Each child and their family’s needs are unique, this requires me to be understanding and empathetic when dealing with the anxiety often experienced by both the children and parents when starting care in an unfamiliar environment"

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Gemma, HGK Educator Wgtn

Gemma, from Central Hutt

Gemma has been involved with Playcentre for over 10 years, and joined HGK in 2016. 

"I’m passionate about Childcare and love guiding and playing alongside children in my care, watching and teaching them to learn and develop new skills" 

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Karen, HGK Educator Wgtn

Karen, from Johnsonville

Karen worked as a primary school teacher for 19 years, working with juniors and new entrants. 

"I believe young children need time to play and explore to learn about the world around them and I really enjoy providing opportunities for children to create, pretend, play, explore and experiment."

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Madhu, HGK Educator Wgtn

Madhu, from Karori

Madhu has worked with children for over 7 years. 

"I believe forming a good bond with children encourages proper development. I empower every individual in their own way so that they feel encouraged and confident and become lifelong learners"

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Donna, HGK Educator Wgtn

Donna, from Maungaraki

Donna has been an active member at Playcentre for many years, and became a Home Based Educator in 2015. 

"As a Home Based Educator, being able to learn alongside the children in my care and watch them develop has been exciting and deeply rewarding" 

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Wendy, HGK Educator Wgtn

Wendy, from Maungaraki

Wendy is one of 7 siblings, has 3 children and 5 grandchildren - she is all about nurturing families. 

"I believe in the need to keep children happy and safe. I try to give them opportunities to learn from play within their environment." 

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Cielo, HGK Educator Wgtn

Cielo, from Ngaio

Cielo has worked with children for years, and became a Home Based Educator over 2 years ago. 

"I try to make things fun as I believe that children develop and learn quicker while they are enjoying what they do." 

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If you would like to find out more about a Home Based Educator for your childcare needs please complete our Family enquiry form. One of our team will then be in touch to discuss your needs further and let you know who is available in your area
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