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Educator Stories

Some of our Educators have been generous with their time and helped us to put together our Educator Stories. These are a bit of a personal insight into why these Educator chose to become Educators, their ideas on providing childcare, and why they chose HGK.

We hope that they make for interesting reading, and if you would like to be put in touch with any of these Educators please contact us at 0508 44 5437 or

If you are interested in becoming an Educator, we want to hear from you too!
Angela web800

Angela, Birkenhead Auckland

"I really enjoy setting up and providing lots of different learning opportunities for the children - I love watching their reactions when we discover something new"
Donna3 web800

Donna, Maungaraki Wellington

"I appreciated the vibe of fun that Home Grown Kids presented when I was looking for a company that fitted my values..."

Wendy web600 for landing page

Wendy, Petone Wellington

"I love giving them lots of love and respect, and seeing them learn to give it to others."

Gemma web 800

Gemma, Central Hutt Wellington 

"I’m passionate about Childcare and love guiding and playing alongside children in my care, watching and teaching them to learn and develop new skills"
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