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Why Choose Home Grown Kids?


Home-based care - the Good Stuff

Under the dedicated care of a Nanny or Home-Based Educator, Home Grown Kids get to do everything that we think kids should do.... climbing trees, making scones, pegging washing on the line, collecting the mail and taking neighbourhood walks. Growing up at home also means they get to sleep in their own bed, play with their brothers and sisters (or a small group of others), and form a special bond with just one Educator or Nanny who really gets to know their needs.

Home-Grown Kids - the Learning Stuff

It is often said that learning begins at home, but how do you know which stage your child is at, and how to enhance their learning? That's where we come in.  Our role at Home Grown Kids is to support Home-Based Educators and Nannies in their role as first teachers.  To achieve this, once a month our fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher pays a visit, bringing with them great educational play ideas and a car full of educational toys from our free mobile toy library...and the education service is FREE!

How is it free?

Home Grown Kids is a FREE Ministry of Education funded service for pre-school children. We provide an educational programme for young children to give them a better start in their early years, and yes our education programme really is a FREE service.  The only cost you have is for your normal caregiving charges (but you don't have to be paying for childcare to register with our service - so if you have free care from a Nana, Aunty, relative or friend then that's okay - what you pay your caregiver or how you choose to pay them is entirely up to you).

How we work...

Each child registered with our education programme is assigned a Visiting Teacher who visits them once a month to assess their learning and provide ideas, tips and advice for the Nanny or Home-Based Educator who is looking after them.  We have dedicated Visiting Teachers in each area, which means that the visiting teachers, nanny/educator and children all get to know each other and there is consistency. All our Teaching Staff are experienced and qualified Early Childhood Teachers.

But that's not all that we do!

Boymum-kitchen 250 Home Grown Kids has always focused on supporting families who want home-based care - taking care of the practical things like payroll for families employing a Nanny, providing a FREE toy library for all families, and helping families find a Nanny or Educator via our  Nanny Agency & Educator Agency. We also help Educators who want to set up a home-based care service in their own home and we help families find caregivers and vice versa with a section of this website dedicated to current vacancies. If you would like to see if there is an Educator with childcare vacancies currently near you see Our Caregivers page.

Once you join our programme, we also have a FREE online Educational Resource Library for both Nannies and Educators and this is full of good ideas for educational play.
quote We have had a fantastic couple of years with Veronica and Homegrown Kids.  Tyler is so happy in the homebased care setting and has had such a great time with Veronica.  We are sad to see him finishing up there but excited for his new adventure."
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