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We love to hear from Home Grown Kids families! It is a great feeling to know that we have helped lots of families by providing loving, nurturing and educational care for their little ones. Here we share their stories with you

These testimonials are copied and pasted here unchanged as sent to us by our families.


quote I love that Home Grown Kids the Educators are always the same person and mostly the same Kids that are there everyday. They are like a second family in a way. It truly is like a home away from home for my girl during the day.
She is always happy and relaxed which makes it less stressful for me having to leave my baby to go to work.
My child's educator is fantastic and she's like a Aunty/Nana and I can see she genuinely enjoys having the kids there and looks forward to them coming.

Thanks heaps Home Grown Kids, you're awesome.
Lisa and Kayleigh

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quoteRobyn and the HGK team have provided us with outstanding support and guidance over the past five years. As our family has grown, and I’ve changed my working hours to part-time, full-time and back to part-time, Robyn has helped us to find the right nanny/carer every time. She has always just been a phone call away and has developed a lovely bond with my kids through her monthly visits. At HGK I feel like a valued customer and member of their wider family; nothing is ever too much effort or a problem, and they are very patient when I have silly questions about time sheets. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HGK to other families.

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quote Rachelle,
With Kimberly leaving us at Christmas time it feels like the end of an era!  I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team (particularly Julie and Jennifer) for your outstanding work.  You guys have always been fantastic support to us as a family and to our nannies.  You have always been so professional and we have loved your personalised touches.  I wish you all the best with everything in the future!
Bond Family

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quote Hi Robyn,
sharing play-505Thank you for the lovely updates we get after your every visit -- it always make us feel connected and updated with our daughter's progress -- cognitive and likewise, social. We also noticed how easy for her to get along with kids -- no matter the age! She does enjoy it more when there is a lot of talking going on! 
We love those photos (kids in action) just the same...please keep them coming! :-)
All the best Robyn and thanks to you and Mini for all the support.
Kitchie and Joseph 

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quote Hi Robyn, we are very sad to be finishing up with Home Grown Kids, it has been nothing but a pleasure.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your visits over the years - thank you.  I must say that dealing with the admin team has been great as well.  So a big thanks to all.

I can't describe how lucky we are to have found Dee and we wouldn't have, if it hadn't been for Home Grown Kids.  I often say to Michael that it was the best piece of recruitment I have ever done and I have recruited tonnes of people over the years in my line of work :-)  We have been extremely lucky to have had Dee look after our little girls.  Because she has done such a brilliant job with them, they love her.  They call her Granny Dee now and then, which is a term of endearment (I know it's a little too soon for you Dee:-))

Thanks Robyn, if we do see you out and about, we will be sure to say hi.  Have a great 2016 and thank you very much once again.

Emma & Michael

quote Hi Robyn,
It's been floating around in my head and now I've finally written one. I hope its ok, it is true, but I'm not always the best at this sort of thing.  Thanks again. Take care :-) 
Hi Robyn,
It’s sad to say goodbye. The team at HGK have been fantastic to deal with, not least yourself. We had been with Porse previously, not that we left Porse but that we chose to stay with our Educator who left Porse. I do have to say that the experience was quite different. Number one our Educator was by far happier and more comfortable with HGK which obviously affects how she enjoys her job and our children. Less stress is good. So I’m not sure if my kiddies picked up on their “Nan’s” ease with you or if it was separate but that is the next thing, my kid’s also felt a connection with you personally, especially the younger one who enjoyed snuggles with you on your visits. 
HGK as an organisation is just way more “homegrown”, it feels smaller, closer more personal than our pervious experience. An example was the handmade apron you made for my 4 year old at christmas!! What the heck, who does that! It was amazing, and beautiful and appreciated. She loves it!
The news letters, the updates, the activities, the recipes, the whole experience was tops. I would recommend anyone wanting to be a home-based educator or wanting to find one to look at Homegrown Kid’s first.
Thank you all for a wonderful experience for my children and for me. All the best for the future.

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quote Hi Bronwen,
Indeed, he is enjoying the new environment and been raving about it everyday!
It did help having those interactions with kids (and adults) during his early years at Mini's. 
We thank you so much with keeping good standards and good environment for kids to grow, learn and enjoy at HGK. 
Robyn was likewise fantastic in providing support to Mini all these years. Her regular feedback to parents during her visits were really valuable -- that way, we are informed of our kid's learnings, interactions and affirmation on their interests or behaviour. 
The kids really miss Mini and really hoping she bounces back in no time. 
Thank you too for having a great team at HGK -- you and Tracey have been wonderful and lovely to talk to especially if I have queries. 
Jiezl will remain with HGK under Mini's care/supervision (when she's back) until she's ready to go to Primary just the same. 
Wishing you and the team all the best!

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quote Hi Bronwen,
My feedback on my experience with HGK- I have thoroughly enjoyed working with HGK for the past five years! All of the Canterbury visiting teachers (Lisa, Anna, Sooz, Amanda and Mary-Rose) have been so supportive and amazing. I have learnt so much under their guidance. Especially Sooz. Sooz has been my friend and mentor over the past two years and I am so grateful to have had Sooz as my visiting teacher. I have really enjoyed all the outings and playgroups that HGK has organised. The Canterbury HGK do a fantastic job at providing fun and educational experiences for the children and the educators. 

The HGK team at H/O have always been helpful to me. I have asked a million questions via email and phone (and sometimes asked the same question more than once) and Tracey and yourself (and in the past, Leanne, too) have always given me quick, clear and friendly responses. Thank you so much for your help over the past five years. 
I would definitely recommend HGK as the best home-based company to work through to anyone who wanted to put their child into care or anyone wanting to become an educator.
I will miss being an educator (there are not many jobs where you get to go to the playground, feed the ducks or play LEGO, are there?) but I am really looking forward to my next step. 
Warmest regards,

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quote I looked at sending Roky to HGK because it was so affordable. We meet Tonie and I was very impressed with the set up in her home. Lots of toys, big outside play area, animals like guinnea pigs and rabbits for the children to look after and pet, a trampoline and tree house.
I soon found that she offered much more flexibility than a day care centre, and the small number of children meant Roky didn't get every bug going around.
That was 2 years ago and Roky has made good friends with the other children and Tonie has become like a member of his family, he feels very safe and secure with her.
Last week when we were driving to Tonie's he said "I love Tonie's Mama, it makes me happy".

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quote Hi Robyn, 
Thank you for the letter and stickers we received for Libby today, she was very excited when she saw them and has been playing with them all afternoon.
Also thank you for the monthly updates we received from you about Libbys care and development while with HGK. We do feel Libby has developed alot since beginning with Tanya and it was great to get the same feed back from you. Unfortunately due to our current careers we were not able to keep Libbys care with HGK, as we did not have set days or hours as required. 
Once again we would like to thank you and the team at HGK, you have all been very helpful and super easy to deal with. 
Alisha and Daniel

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quote When we were first thinking about childcare options for our son Ryan, I was really hesitant.  We wanted somewhere that would work within our daily routines, and would allow him to keep growing and learning in response to his individual needs.  Home based care felt right for us, and I couldn't be more appreciative of finding Delia and Home Grown Kids in our childcare solution.  We have total peace of mind knowing that Ryan is cared for in a loving, family environment that both supports and stretches him at a pace that is right for him, whilst also providing him with a circle of close friends locally.  Through Delia we feel we have found a wonderful extension of our family unit; Ryan is always full of excitement as I drop him off in the morning and its so easy to stay close to what he's doing through chatting with Delia, reading his daily HGK journal, the various other updates provided by HGK, along with Ryan telling me about his day's adventures when I pick him up.  In addition there's the opportunity for field trips to play in larger groups of children, getting to visit new and interesting places, and the visits and resources provided by Antoinette our friendly local HGK co-ordinator which he loves.   Now our only challenge is waiting for an additional spaces to become available for Ryan's younger sister to join their fun!"

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quote Rochelle Munro has finished working for our family after more than 17 years of employment. She came to work for us when we had 2 children and cared for all 3 when the next one arrived. She stayed on in an adapted role until after the eldest left and the second is about to leave home.
This long period of employment has been characterized by trust in an employee who is reliable hard working adaptable and very focused on children. Rochelle has contributed in an incredibly positive way to our children‚s growth and development. It is really the end of an era when our both our children and their nanny are leaving!"
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quote I just want to say I recently joined my kids into homebased childcare with Home Grown Kids - great company, my children's educator is great, taking them out on trips etc. I prefer this to sending my children to big child care centres."
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quote Hi Tracey,Mums-kitchen 250
I would like to confirm with this e-mail that Eli will be finishing with HGK as from next week. Eli's last day with Gina will be this Thursday 13th of June 2013.
I will talk to Gina tomorrow regarding the paperwork from her side.
Our family had wonderful 2.5 years with Gina.
She is a great, trustworthy carer and a beautiful person and we will miss her terribly. :o(

I would strongly recommend her to future families looking for someone to leave their littlies with.

Thank you.
All the best"
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quote Renee is fab. My children had never really been left with anyone before but Renee has been really great with them and now they don't stop talking about her. Highly recommended. :)"
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quote With a certain sadness we have decided to move our little River into a kindergarten rather than home based care.
Coral has looked after our princess since she was around 6 months old till 2 years old. River is our first and only child and we were more than a little nervous having her looked after by some one else.

However the day I met Coral I knew River was in great hands. Every stage that she has been through Coral has been well equipped and Corals easy going attitude has made this all so easy on us. River soon settled in at Corals as part of the family (some days I have to convince River that it is home time and no she can't stay there!) and there is no doubt that we will remain in contact with Coral and the family!

But as for now our baby is growing up and raring to go to kindy.
Thanks To Coral for the great experience!"
Karis Thompson
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quote Thanks Bronwen,
I will fill this in and return it as soon as possible. Many thanks to all at home grown for a fantastic experience. It is with great sadness that I leave Renee as she has been such a fantastic caregiver. I can not praise her enough for allowing Ethan to be a part of her family and treating him with such care and love. She has been such a huge part of his development and we will be very keen to use her again in the future if the need arises. 
Thanks again."
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quote Thanks Jennifer – we have enjoyed the Home Grown Kids service, and Karen has been an excellent co-ordinator – doubly nice that her son went to kindy with Charlotte, and has been part of our community.  I have enjoyed reading her reports with the photos, and the efficient pay roll service you have provided.  I would certainly recommend the service to others.

Charlotte is loving school – as I thought she would – I guess we can all take a pat on the back that she is a confident and happy child, ready to take on her next challenge.  It is always bitter sweet as a parent though, watching your baby start school, particularly the youngest !

All the best to you too."
Regards Jo
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quote Dear Tonie,
I have written this letter many times but it has only now managed to get from my head and into the computer.  Thank you so much for your care of Teddy earlier this year.  He is a handful but every time I came to pick him up he was dry, grinning, and had no goobers hiding in his neck.  No matter how hard a day he gave you at the end of it you were still smiling and didn't mind that he would be coming back soon.  Thank you for your flexibility, patience, cheerfulness, generosity, reliability, and trustworthiness.  We have yet to find your equal in our new home.  As for Teddy, he is trying to skip over crawling to go straight to running.  This week his new tricks are dancing and trying to suffocate me by sticking his fingers up my nose while keeping the rest of his hand over his mouth.  He still does not sleep.
This all sounded much more eloquent in my head.  I have send a copy of this note to Robyn in case she needs to provide a reference for you and just to let her know that Paul and I think you are fabulous. 
I wish you the best.  Say hello to Michelle for me."
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quote Thanks Bronwen,

We have had a fantastic couple of years with Veronica and Homegrown Kids.  Tyler is so happy in the homebased care setting and has had such a great time with Veronica.  We are sad to see him finishing up there but excited for his new adventure at Kindy."

Kind regards,
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quoteThank you Bronwen.  It will be nice to have some time at home with Henry.

Gavin and I cannot speak highly enough of Leah and the care, education and experiences she has given to Henry over the last year or so.  We would highly recommend her to anyone who was looking for a top class home based carer .."

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quote HI MaryRose
Louie had a fantastic first day at school today! He was keen and eager and I had a wee tear in my eye.
Thanks so much for his prezzie which arrived in the weekend. Monster Jam Cars is certainly his thing!
Thanks to you, Lee-Ann and everyone at HGK. If you ever need a testimonial - let me know
Thank you so much for all the great support you provide. I know Louie just loves your visits and certainly tells us when you come to visit - particularly all the new toys you bring!!
Lee-Ann does a fantastic job. She is certainly a great mother and carer and her own kids are great and understanding of sharing their mum with the other kids. Lee-Ann has been wonderful with Louie. Louie just adores her and I know will miss her - me too!!
Thanks to you, Lee-Ann and all of Home Grown Kids. Wonderful company and I certainly recommend in-home care to everyone!
Louie is looking forward to school - doesn\'t want to leave on his school visit days - and will see Josh and Cailin there and all the other kids at Lee-Ann\'s as well who are going to Halswell School.
Thanks again for all your work - best decision I made was in-home care."

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quote Hi Lea, Thank you for the letter. We are moving this Saturday so are feeling a bit excited but sad at the same time. I just wanted to say you've been great for the support you've provided us through homegrown kids, we've really appreciated it. You're a lovely person Lea and we wish you all the best for your future. Take care, until we meet again."
Melissa, Deane, Zoe and Leithan
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quote Hi there,

Boygirl-swing 250Addison and (also her sister Maiya) have been in care with Gaylene since they were both little.  She is totally amazing and has provided the best home care experience for both my girls. She has always given them the love and care that I would have provided if I was with them.  Her interactions are warm, affectionate, caring and positive and she provides home experiences which foster independance and confidence. She also provides many outtings outside the home to extend on their knowledge of the wider world around them - parks, shops, libraries etc.  My girls have always felt happy, confident, and safe with and around her.  She provides great feedback about Addison's daily learning and experiences.
The co-ordinator Jo has provided wonderful stories on each of her visits about what Addison has been up to  - and I love reading these.  Jo also plans lots of cool outings as part of HGK's playgroups.  It is great to have these larger social interactions.
In regards to administration - Gaylene always has all the information/forms enquired, so any changes etc are smooth.  HGK head office provide any neccesary info via email and I love the electronic/email timesheets - a fast, effiicent way without all the hassle of signing papers. 
We have been a part of HGK since August 2008.  I have been 110% happy throughout.  What a great company and as I said and AMAZING educator xxx  I hope that my 3rd daughter will have the opportunity to be a part of Gaylenes family in the future through you guys too. "


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quote Hi Robyn,

Great reports for March - I really like knowing the theory behind what they are learning.  The kids love your visits they also come racing up to me and when I get home and talk about Robyn's new toys!  Finn showed us the ball board which is such a simple idea and he loves it.  It did take 4 attempts to demonstrate it however as Sophie keeps stealing the ball of it.  It was a great exercise in patience for Mr Finn. 

Nothing to add, other than I really appreciate how much thought you put into the toys you very kindly allow us to borrow.

I hope you had a lovely holiday and playing catch-up isn't making for a too tiring week."


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quote Hi Robyn,

Thank you so much for your lovely email and gift! Zac (who has never been a baker!) pored over it for about an hour when we opened it, and made some lovely chocolate afghan slices the next morning :-) Yum yum! It reminds me of a cooking book I had when I was a child - great illustrations and simple recipes to encourage a bit of enthusiasm in the kitchen :-D

Thank you also for your wonderful support and age- and interest-appropriate toy library. It's been so lovely to receive such personal feedback and visit notes from you, and I know the boys have always looked forward to your visits. We have been really delighted with Nicolle as a nanny and also as a positive influence on the development of both boys. She has always focused on their needs and clearly drawn on her experience as a teacher to extend them.

We have had an extremely positive experience with Homegrown and have found the quality of everyone involved to be highly professional - such a comfort when entrusting the care of your most precious loved ones to someone else. So a big thank you from us as we close this chapter and head again towards unknown waters.... an interesting year lies ahead!

Good luck with your future endeavors..... hopefully we'll bump into you on sunnier shores some time! ;-)"

Kind Regards,

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quote Hi Bronwen,

Could you please correct the form as the new termination date will be Friday 16th of March 2012.


PS. We are sorry as well for leaving you guys, you are simply great and your home educators are simply the very best. Aliz is one of the best if not the best in your team. Angela is a happy and well adjusted child today and it is due in part to dedicated, careful people like Aliz, we will miss her and her family dearly. Thanks to Mihaela and the admin team as well for everything! I will not hesitate in recommending your company for the great service given, especially during very hard and uncertain times while I was struggling with Angela's health issues.
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart."

h3 bg 1 10/2/12
quote Hello Bronwen,

Well, this will be ending 10.5 years with HGK!!!  Wow - seems like yesterday that I found you and started to work with you - my midwife gave me some information about your services when my oldest was only 3 months old.

HGK have been so supportive through all our nannies and raising our kids!  The coordinators have all been just wonderful and I know our nannies have always gained so much in working closely with them!!!

Thanks for your on-going support through the years!

Attached is the 'Finishing Form'."

Kind Regards
Michele C
(HGK Family from 2001 to 2012)

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quote Thanks for this Bronwen,

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Nicole looking after Gray, and have found the service with HGK’s amazing. I have already referred several of my friends to HGK’s!

My only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer. But due to financial concerns and the unexpected opening of a spot in my work’s subsidised ECE, we regretfully had to make the decision to discontinue service.

I would be more than happy to write a reference for Nicole. She has been superb."

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quote Hi Robyn,

Boygirl-house 250I just wanted to say thank you so much for Austin's Christmas present - he loves the green ball you gave him and the bubbles of course! My experience of Home Grown Kids has been absolutely superb. After having all sorts of trouble finding a nanny earlier this year and dealing with two other agencies who were completely frustrating, dealing with HGK's has been an absolute pleasure. Right from the word go you guys have been nothing but professional. Having found such a fantastic nanny in Alex was the starting point and the regular feedback and visits along with the activities they can attend has been great. Austin has certainly come along way this year and having such a tuned in nanny and someone who is genuinely interested in his development and supporting him through this has made a huge difference in his confidence.

Thanks again and I hope you have a nice break over Christmas."

Kind regards,

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quote Attached is the extermination form (We're pretty sure this should say termination form, but we copy these in here exactly as we get them!) you required for Elijah.  Elijah has loved his time with Homegrown Kids.  He has a special bond with Nanette which has made the whole early childhood education experience easy.  The mornings that Elijah is going to Nanettes’ house he jumps out of bed, gets ready and is in the car without any fuss.  I have never had to worry about Elijah and it is a delight to know that he is in safe hands, and a caring clean environment.  We will miss Nanette and wish her well in the future."

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quote Hi Robyn, I tried to make it up to the Pritchard's today during your visit with Maryse, Alice, Lily and Max. Maryse said I only just missed you so that was a shame. I want to thank you for supporting Maryse and reporting on the progress of the children for the past 5 months. I've been very impressed with HGK's organisation and efficiency.

I think you offer an excellent service to families that is straight forward, friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend HGK to others. As you know we have been extremely impressed with Maryse. She is a fantastic nanny, a real natural with children and her competence has meant that our childcare arrangements have been completely stress free for the duration of her time with us.

Thanks again and I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year,"
Regards, Sarah

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quote Hello Bronwen,
Lynda is amazing with all the children. I am sure you know her reputation in Belfast is outstanding.
The communication from head office and Mary Rose has exceeded my expectations.
I am taking time off to enjoy Lochy as a little guy before he heads off to school in March.
I will continue to speak highly of Lynda and Home Grown Kids."
Kind regards,

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quote Hi Bronwen,
we have really enjoyed using Homegrown Kids for Noah. He has just thrived under Roxanna's care and it is with much regret and disappointment that we have to move him. We would certainly look at using Homegrown Kids again if the opportunity arose.
many thanks
Judith (Noah's grandma)

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quote Dear Melanie,
I would like to bring your attention to the amazing service I have received from Home Grown Kids.

My sons carer told me on Wednesday 5th October that she couldn't look after my son for 2 mornings per week anymore. I contacted HGK and by that afternoon, Robyn had emailed me the name of 4 women to contact and by Thursday afternoon I had met 3 of them. I also text Robyn at 8pm at night on the Thursday-I felt this was a little inappropriate of me but I had so many questions I was unsure what to do and was thrilled when Robyn replied immediately. Robyn contacted me on Friday morning and helped me brainstorm who was the most appropriate in-home carer for my son/family. I now have a lovely woman lined up to care for my son and cannot thank Robyn enough for making a very stressful situation seamlessly easy and carefree.

I also contacted Sam about the direct debit payment form, who again was so helpful, patient and friendly.

Can I say massive thank you to Robyn and Sam for providing such outstanding service, I will be recommending HGK to everyone!"
Kind regards, Jennifer.
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quote Jennifer, Thanks very much.

I’d also like to thank Home Grown Kids for your excellent service facilitation.  I find it very easy to submit and get information, you have always been very responsive and understanding.  The visits and reports have been appreciated."
Kind regards
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Boymum-kitchen 250 quote Thanks so much for the photographs. Yes, if it comes to music, Mr Music is usually right in amongst it (singing, dancing and making music! :o)

We have so enjoyed having Jan a part of our family too she made the transition so easily with her warm and wonderful way. I know she has enjoyed your support and friendship and Morgan too has enjoyed your visits.

Life does change and people often come and some go but everyone leaves something; a memory, an experience, an impression and we, Morgan especially has plenty of wonderful ones from our time with HGK.
Suzy (HGK Family since 2010)
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24 May 2011
quote Hi Michaela
Thanks for the notes.

I just wanted to let you (and Renee) know how much we love Renee looking after the girls. She has developed a great rapport with them both so they look forward to their "Renee days"! She is really resourceful and often brings things with her to extend the learning each of them is doing, we particularly like all the arts and crafts they do.
On top of that she is so reliable, always on time, kind and takes initiative and helps out around the house with meals and cleaning.
Thanks Renee - we are so glad you're on board!!"

many thanks
Rachel (HGK Nanny Family)
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19 May 2011
response from Kylie after recieving visit notes from me (Amanda Bradley (HGK Coordinator)) via email.

quote Hi Amanda,
Thankyou for sharing the notes on your visit with Alex, I especially loved the photo.. Just a quick email to let you know how happy I am that I made the decision to move Alex from preschool to homebased care...
I noticed within the first month a HUGE change in Alex, he connected so quickly with Susan and loves her whole family. It feels like a family away from family and this has been a major part of him feeling so comfy I think. Susan is absolutely amazing, I always know where I stand with her and know that Alex is receiving the best care possible.
Coming from a preschool that only did one learning story in the 11months he was there to having a beautifully presented journal that I can take home and share from time to time is awesome, and I really can get a glimpse of what he gets up to when Im not around lol.
Anyway, thanks for your time. Just wanted to pass on my thanks for not only providing a great service and making me feel involved but also to pretty much sing Susans praise, she\'s wonderful."

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quote Hi Mary Rose,

It is always lovely to hear your comments re Sophie. HGK was by far the best choice for Sophie as she loves the home environment and 'helping' out with different things round the house. So much I forget she is only 2 and a half sometimes! The attention she gets from Lee-Anne and the positive feedback has helped her develop so much into the social little girl she is today - she manages to put a smile on many a strangers face. Everyone loves our Sophie and comments on her amazing speech and vocabulary.

Thank you for your part in her development!
Have a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2011. Hope to see you soon."
Fiona (with HGK since 2008)
h3 bg 1 1/12/10
quote I would just like to pass on to everyone at HGK what a great job you all have done in the past 2.5 years that James has been with you, and to especially advise that Amanda has been a god-send and a blessing for us. I don't know how we would have managed without her. She has been fantastic with James and has gone above and beyond many times for us, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering putting their child into home based care.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
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quote I have just started looking for a nanny/home-based career for our three year old...and thus have been going through a number of home-based companies' websites. Wow! your website is by far the best among them - the layout, the content and the design. I found all the information I wanted within minutes of opening the website. For a busy mum at home it is a time saver! Well done!
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quote Hi Jennifer

Thank you to you and your team for your support over the last few years. They have been unimaginably busy years for me and as a result I know I have been difficult for you to contact and deal with at times. I'm extremely grateful for your patience. Thankfully my plan is working and I have reached a level at work where I have time for administration, and even better, also for my kids.

Carmen is flying through school, academically and socially and I truly acknowledge the input of Jo into Carmens development in achieving this. The presence of Home Grown Kids in Carmens pre-school years has been absolutely invaluable. Working full time and leaving my child predominately in the care of others has been a terrifying decision to make. We have come through it and Carmen seems unscathed, and I contribute this achievement largely to the consistent and valuable support that Debbie and Jaz have received through Home Grown Kids.

Thank you all so much."
Karen (HGK Family 2006 - 2010).
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Mumgirl-flowers 250quote The other thing I wanted to talk to you about was Dawn. I don't really want to blow trumpets but I feel it would be great for you to know and pass on the praise. As any mother is when they first have to give their child up to a near stranger I was apprehensive but Dawn and her family have taken my son in as one of their own. He loves going to 'Auntie Dawns' and I just couldn't ask for a better carer. I feel totally comfortable in leaving him with Dawn and knowing he's being treated just as I would treat him. And I have to say going back fulltime has certainly been made a lot easier knowing he is in the best of care. I have a few other friends who have other carers and I'm very lucky to say that they do not have the same relationship as we do with Dawn"
Malissa, joined HGK in May 08
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quote HGK have provided a well-equipped and maintained life raft from the beginning: helping us in our initial search for a Nanny, guiding us through the complicated waters of employment, payroll and funding (which was all above our heads). They have not only provided great initial practical help and resources, but also provide us with an anchor of ongoing support through their coordinator’s visits and telephone contact.”
Mother of seven, Sheila G
(With HGK from 2000 - 2007. Seven very long years, just kidding Sheila!)
h3 bg 1 quote Seeing the advert a year ago for HGK was like finding sunken treasure. With eight children – four preschoolers (all with complicated lives, more so for living in the country) and a home business, our ship was sinking fast.

When my husband and I found out we were having triplets, we knew we would have to make major changes in the household. A friend of mine told me about Home Grown Kids and after the initial phone call they have been supporting us ever since.

Our Area coordinator has only been a phone call away and between her and my Nanny they handled the multiple birth hours, contracts, wages, taxes and employment issues. They were great!

I have started working from home and although my multiple birth hours have run out, I am still with HGK . They make sure everything runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible. We have never considered any other service.
Mother of six Denise (Denise left us in 2002, we still remember her well!)
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To help you as you make your decision, here's some of the reasons that other parents have told us that they love the concept of Home Grown Kids:
quote Children get to explore the world with just one educator who is singularly focused on their care."
 quote Children are in a home environment - they get to do 'everyday' activities and learn from them."

quote Childcare is in the neighbourhood, meaning less time in the car in the morning and evenings, getting to and from childcare.... less stress before and after work!"

quote If you have a Nanny come into your home to care for your children, then you can come home to a warm house and you may even have dinner prepared and the children bathed!"

quote Every month, the Home Grown Kids Coordinator turns up with a wealth of ideas and a car boot laden with exciting new educational toys, musical instruments and other resources. It's like having a free mobile toy library."

quote I like the fact that our in-home educator has the support of the Home Grown Kids Area Coordinator who is fully trained in early childhood teaching and passionate about sharing her knowledge. That makes my educator feel like she's also learning, which is important for her career development."

quote Our educator tells us that the best outcome from joining Home Grown Kids has been the network it's given her, and the chance to make new friends with people who also adore looking after kids."
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