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Our Toy Library

Toy_library_kit1.jpgSince 1997, Home Grown Kids has spent a portion of the funding we receive on developing a resource library.  It is available to our educators and families.

Each Visiting Teacher operates their own resource library in their own area. No two resource libraries are the same and these photos are all taken from a selection of just one kit.

At each educational visit, the teacher carries a selection of toys that relate to the focus of the programme for that child.


So, what is in a typical Toy Library?

Just a small selection will likely include:
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Dress-ups and role play
  • Blocks - Lego, Duplo, Wooden blocks 
  • Musical instruments
  • Carpentry tools
  • Threading (for developing fine motor skills )
  • Tents, tunnels and other crawl-throughs 
  • Baby dolls and strollers
  • Toy library kit3Infant toys
  • Mathematical equipment
  • Card puzzles
  • Sporting equipment - balls, hula hoops, sporting games etc
  • CD's - music songs and sing-alongs 
  • Books, books and more books ( Literally hundreds on just about every subject)
  • Science kits - for conducting experiments 
  • Theme-based resources

All this and much, much more is available when you're a Home Grown Kid!

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