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Our Education Programme

Children in care with our Nannies and Educators get to do all sorts of exciting things!  They bake, paint, dance and garden just to name a few. They are having loads of fun and are learning lots of new skills like weighing and measuring, colour and design, balance and coordination and lots more!

All these things extend your child’s knowledge and help lay the learning foundations for future interest. Who knows...maybe even future career paths?  Our carers support your child’s own particular interest whether it is trains or art...Children are extended and encouraged to pursue their own interests...that’s learning, growing and nurturing at its best and that’s what we call our: 
“Individual Education Programme”
Home Grown Kids Visiting Teachers visit your educators and children at least once a month. They provide lots of support and alongside your child’s educator, help plan and develop activities and fun that will encourage your child to explore and discover new things.

During the visit the children can borrow toys and resources from the Mobile Toy Library. There are so many exciting toys to choose from.

Nannies and Educators write special stories about your child’s fun and learning using Storypark.

Storypark is an easy-to-use private online service that helps teachers, parents and families work together to record, share and extend children’s learning. 

You can capture a child's development by posting photos, videos, stories, moments, notes and responses. Creating a Storypark account is quick, easy and free for parents and families.

Storypark is 'child-centric' which means any account must be connected to a child's profile. If a child attends an early learning service that uses Storypark, a teacher can invite can create a Storypark child profile and invite the child's parent to it. Alternatively a parent can download the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app and add their child's profile themselves. They can then invite family members to be part of that profile.

Why Storypark?

Supporting parents

  • Be part of your child’s day no matter where you are.
  • Extend your child’s interests and learning.
  • Record your child’s stories and keep them forever.
  • Share and collaborate with wider family in a safe, private environment.
  • Perfect for any parent or family situation, including working couples, separated parents and overseas relatives.
  • Free to access.

Enabling children 

  • Enhanced learning opportunities.
  • Feedback and reinforcement from family.
  • Stimulates language and ideas.
  • Revisit stories to reinforce and extend learning.
  • Build an online record that grows with each child.
See our Enrolment Process
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