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Educator or Nanny?

Here's a summary of the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions put to us by families exploring their childcare options....

Photo 19(copy)What is the main difference between a Nanny and an Educator?
(NB: A caregiver is a collective term for someone that looks after your child. It could be a Nanny or an Educator, or a Grandmother!)

A Nanny:

  • Is employed by a family to care for their children
  • Works for a family in the family home
  • May do housework, shopping, errands, drop offs, and more...depending on their employment agreement
  • May require families to become an employer, pay tax, ACC etc (but remember, we can take care of this for you with our Payroll Service)
  • You can see an example of a typical job description for a Nanny here. Please be aware that this is an example only.

An Educator:

  • Is a self-employed contractor providing childcare for up to 4 children
  • Works from their own home
  • Can choose the days and times they work, which can be very flexible
family-house 250Remember that all choices are viable and it really comes down to the choice that is right for your family and your children.  All can enroll with Home Grown Kids so that our Visiting Teachers can visit monthly to suggest educational play ideas - and the educational service is entirely free.  All we ask is that certain criteria are met (hours of care and a safe environment are the main two.  Read more about this in Our Enrolment Process). 
When looking into the best option, consider the following. Do you:
  • Have time in the mornings for drop offs?
  • Need a hand with organising the household?
  • Have a budget?
  • Want to learn from a different culture?
  • Have space for someone to 'live-in'?
All these questions and more will lead you to a preference. If you would like an estimate or more information, please fill in our enquiry form here.
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