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FAQs for Families

Do you have some questions? Well we understand that you probably do, so this is where we try to answer some of those questions that you might have. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us, and who knows we might add it to this page!

Money Stuff
outdoor exploringHow much does it cost for each option?

The costs are mostly influenced by which area of the country you live in and the experience of the Nanny or Educator. In the bigger cities, Nannies are being paid between $16-$20 per hour on average, whereas Home-Based care with an Educator can start from less thant $5 per hour per child and ranges up to around $8 per hour per child.

Before making your final decision on which childcare option is best for you, one of our pre-registration services helps families explore funding options and to see whether WINZ support or other benefits might be available.

We are experts on this and can help you calculate and weigh up your options.
Are there any hidden costs?

No, there really aren't any! The only cost we do pass onto families is the cost of wage administration -which is another ancillary service that we provide for Nanny Families only. See the Payroll section of the website for more details. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will have to submit a fortnightly Timesheet recording the hours your Nanny or Educator has worked. This is a requirement for joining HGK, but it's easy as it's all done online through HomeZone. All this will be explained to you fully before joining, or you can call or email us if you have any questions.

Learning Stuff
What are our family's obligations in return for your FREE service?
All we ask is that Families and their Educator or Nanny commit to recording learning objectives and outcomes in the Learning Journals that we provide for this purpose. Rather than being an onerous task, we find that Families and Educators alike enjoy the creative record books which are testimony to their child's learning and development, often done through play. Who could resist cute pictures, first attempts at writing words and little snippets that remind us of how far our little ones have come?
How do I know that my child is learning and growing in the care of their Caregiver?
Parents receive regular feedback on their child’s care and education and all our staff are friendly and available to talk with you, at a time that suits you. Parents are strongly encouraged to contribute to the child's learning.
General Stuff
Can you help me find a Nanny or Home-Based Educator?
Yes, of course. Simply click Here and tell us more about your requirements.
Do you have vacancies in my area for Home-Based Care with a Home Grown Kids Educator?
We currently operate from Auckland in the north to the greater Christchurch area in the south. You can meet some of our Educators and Nannies Here.
Do you have age limits?
Yes we do. Home Grown Kids is only able to offer its services to families with Preschool aged children. We are not able to assist families with a school aged child only.
Legal Stuff
When you get a Nanny or Educator, who is the Employer ... the Family or Home Grown Kids?
This depends on what option you have chosen.
For example:
If your child is cared for by a Nanny, you will be the employer of that Nanny.
If your child is being cared for by an Educator, then you are not the employer, as all our Educators are self employed contractors .
If you have a question that we haven't answered please contact us.
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