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Wellington Nannies

View and read about our Nannies located throughout the Wellington Region. Find the right match for your family, or contact us.

Please note that not all of our Nannies have their profile listed here, so please contact us if you are looking for a Nanny in your area.



Brooklyn - Allis-228Ailis
I believe children learn best in a calm environment. I like to be a role model of compassion and kindness,
Read more about Ailis here....
Haitaitai - NicoleB-704Nicole B
My personal philosophy revolves mainly around RIE and the core principles it promotes, and although it is usually centred around infants, the practices carry well to children of all ages.
Read more about Nicole here....
Karori - Christina-515Christina
I have found is the best way to inspire children to be their best, in their education, behaviour and happiness. This year I was asked to be part of the mainly music team which I have been enjoying. What I would like most is to find a special family and help them with raising their children.
                                          Read more about Christina here....
Lower Hutt - Hayley D-305Hayley
I am a experienced nanny. I enjoy being around children of all ages newborns to 8 years. I have been a nanny for a child with special needs.
Read more about Hayley here....
Lower Hutt - Nicole-70Nicole
I believe that as an early childhood educator I am responsible for providing infants, toddlers and young children with positive learning experiences.
Read more about Nicole here....
Lower Hutt -  Bernadine-814Bernadine
As a trained nanny I respect every child as an individual according to their own special strengths and interests, keeping in mind their ages and gender and different needs. 
Read more about Bernadine here....
Lower Hutt - Kim-594Kim
I respect each child as a whole. I aim to provide support and encouragement to each child I care for to help build their self-confidence and independence and to support each child’s parents.
Read more about Kim here.....
Newtown - Laura-874Laura
Every child is unique and different in their own way. I believe in empowering children through free movement and uninterrupted time to explore and discover their own potential.
Read more about Laura here....
North of Wellington - Teresa-810Teresa
I am passionate about Early Childcare. I strive for the children in my care to feel loved, secure and confident in their surroundings. My firm belief is that our formative years shape our future adulthood and I take this responsibility with much respect and humility. 
Read more about Teresa here.....
Porirua - Fiona L-891Fiona
I love spending time with children and I started my childcare career as a 15 year old, babysitting for local families. Since then, I have always worked with children, whether as a nanny, as a paramedic, or in a recent mental health role where I visited families in their homes.
Read more about Fiona here....
Stokes Valley - Helen S-750Helen
I offer a family many years nannying experience, security to know the children are safe and well looked after. I have a good understanding of their needs and will support Mum in the home.
Read more about Helen here.....
Upper Hutt - Sophia-610Sophia
I believe that the best way for a child to learn is in a healthy, safe and loving environment where they feel appreciated. I believe that this will encourage the child to develop and grow into themselves, in a healthier way. A stable environment also allows children to explore and to think for themselves. 
Read more about Sophia here....
Whitby - Ri-710Ri
Experience has taught me that it is important to nurture young children within a happy safe, family home environment, while at the same time ensuring that they participate in, and become a part of their local community.
Find out more about Ri here......
Wellington Central - Sarah J1Sarah J
I believe children in my care need to feel safe, happy, valued and respected. I enjoy children's inquisitive minds and the challenges involved in helping them learn about the world around them.
Read more about Sarah J here.....
If you would like to find out more about a Nanny for your childcare needs please complete our Family enquiry form. One of our team will then be in touch to discuss your needs further and let you know who is available in your area
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